In little over a year your existing universal analytics profile will stop processing new data, with Google transitioning fully to GA4 as their future-proofed next-generation measurement solution. 

By no longer relying exclusively on cookies and instead using an event-based model, GA4 has been chosen by Google as a long-term solution to ongoing privacy & cookie-tracking barriers affecting data collection and measurement.



After July 1, 2023 there will be six months where users can access their historical UA data, however this is a grace period to export data as it cannot be carried across into GA4.

Until July 1, 2023 universal analytics will continue to collect data as normal.

Can you imagine not having accurate YOY web performance figures allowing you to plan, improve and report? This could be a reality if you're not starting to plan for the phasing out of your current Google Universal Analytics and the launch of GA4.

Now is a great opportunity to upgrade your tracking code portfolio where possible; moving to Google tag manager and installing the latest GA4 tracking to begin collecting data. 

It’s vitally important for all websites that use Google Analytics that the upgrade to GA4 happens as soon as possible to begin building historical data, so the transition in a year's time is as smooth as possible.

Why you need to plan for GA4

What do you need to do?

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